Does Bell Shark Cartilage restore cartilage?
In my own experience it did. My big toe joint was hurting badly every evening I did ballroom dancing for a few hours at a time. Now that I have been taking shark cartilage for years, I have no more pain even after working the joint hard by going on my toes for hours at a time.
Slight odour
Our shark cartilage has only a very SLIGHT ODOUR - much less than most others. This slight odour dissipates almost completely, if you keep some capsules in an open bowl in a kitchen closet or desk drawer out of sun or heat. We use only 100% pure shark cartilage and process it to 150 mesh without heat. We freeze dry and sterilize. We do not deodorize, because of the chem

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  • Get arthritis long term pain relief.  Must Help or Money Refunded.  Take 12 a day for 3 bottles.  Then maintain with 4 pills a day or less.