Calcium arteries, valves, brain, joints, muscles, kidney, liver, all soft tissues.

71 Calcium Build-up

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  • Calcium Build-up

    By Dr. Chakib Hammoud, MH, PhD.

    50% of all deaths in North America are caused by calcification and hardening of the arteries (arterialsclerosis, high blood pressure) and calcification of heart valves (aortic-valve stenosis). Calcium build-up also affects our brain (Alzheimer), tendons, muscles, glands, ducts, eyes, liver, kidneys, in fact all soft tissues in our body. Calcium build-up in knees, shoulders and other joints can be very gritty and painful. Before you have your joint scoped and scraped, try #71.This should not be confused with the very commonly occurring worn cartilage (arthritis) in the joints, which can be treated much more quickly with Bell Shark Cartilage #1 usually within 2-3 weeks with a money-back guarantee. Medical schools do not teach natural treatments like these, so your doctor may not be familiar with natural medicines.Inform yourselves. You are responsible for your own health, not your doctor and not the government. Go on the public internet and get more details. Health experts say further calcium build-up can be halted and even reversed. Vitamin K2 plus D3 and five components form a unique treatment created by Dr. Hammoud based on scientific research over the last decades. These are by far the most important vitamins you can take for your overall health. Most scientific discoveries do not get through to the public other than advertised synthetic drugs.