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4a Prostate Ezee Flow Tea

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  • The tea brings another major benefit that is extremely important to all men. The swollen prostate not only strangles the urethra and urine flow, it also reduces blood flow to the penis. Without free and spontaneous blood flow, good erections are virtually impossible. The tea may also solve erection problems and restore a man's virility and self esteem. All doctors tell us today that a healthy sexual life style is important for our mental and physical well-being. There are no side effects known. It's safe and gives quick, effective relief.


    INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, cinnamon twigs, cranberry, damiana, willow flower, ginseng, lavender, lemon, red peony, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, water plantain. 1 large box containing 4oz (120g) of loose bulk tea.USAGE: We recommend drinking at least two large cups a day until you have some relief. Later 1 cup per day will be sufficient for maintenance after you have relief. Best taken on an empty stomach.