Excellent as a natural mild laxative without side effects.

28 Constipation Tea in Capsule

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  • Bell Constipation Relief Tea in Capsules 

Excellent as a natural mild laxative without side effects. Lubricates the intestines and relaxes the stomach nervous system. Has a carminative effect (relieves flatulence) as stool pushes out of the colon system. Fights intestinal infection, eliminates worms and deals with inflammation in the entire digestive system. Keeps stool soft, enhances gall bladder, spleen, liver function and promotes healing of duodenal ulcers. 
Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter says there are many says there are many myths around about constipation and how to treat it. Everything you think you know about constipation is probably wrong. Here are a few excerpts: •Lack of dietary fiber is usually not to blame for chronic constipation.•Drinking more fluids likely won’t help.•You cannot get addicted to laxatives and there is no “rebound” constipation.•If you ever considered colon enemas, forget about it. No evidence was found to support this theory or its supposed treatment.•Defecation is rarely discussed with a physician and information more likely coming from friends.•The role of fiber is overemphasized. Some are helped by increasing fiber content in food. Others may even get worse. Fibers in supplement form will only help a minority.•Exercise may help elderly as part of a program.•Finally the good news for laxative users: “It’s unlikely that stimulant laxatives at recommended doses are harmful to the colon.”•There is no rule how often you should have bowel movement a day. Keep in mind though, the longer you keep your stool in the colon the more methane gas is produced and you may have to let it escape more often than you like to. INGREDIENTS: Turkish rhubarb, molasses, buckhorn bark, barberry, chickweed, uva ursi.USAGE: Take 2 capsules before bed time with a glass of water.