60 capsules. To reduce or eliminate inflammation in the arteries which is considered today the #1 cause of heart attacks.

17 Homocysteine Relief Cardiovascular Health

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    By Dr. Chakib Hammoud, MH, PhD. 

Dr. David Williams M.D. states again in his latest medical newsletter that the main reason why people have heart disease and heart attacks is inflammation in the arteries caused by the high level of homocysteine, not by the cholesterol level. He says this is why cholesterol-lowering drugs like the synthetic statin drugs have failed to make a dent in the heart attack rates. This was originally discovered by Dr. Kilmer McCully M.D. over 30 years ago. In the meantime many clinical studies supported these facts. It increases a person’s risk of heart attack by 300 percent. More than any other cause. The majority of people with high cholesterol never suffer heart attacks. Dr. Julian Whitaker M.D., the Linus Pauling Institute, the Hard