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​​My interest in health


I used to be like most Hong Kong people, believing in traditional western medicine until 2000 when I met my family doctor that there was a drastic change in my belief.  I do not use allopathic medicine anymore and change to using herbs, homeopathic remedies, EFT, Reiki and supplements to cure diseases and maintain the family's health.  Now I bring to my friends the Bell Lifestyle Products that has no side effects so you can be healthy too just like me.   See my testimonial, the first one.

Tips for flu:  Get #25, #42, #43, #44, #45, #51 combination


Regular maintenance:  Get #57, #59, #63, #65 (middle age), #47 (seniors)


Products myself and my family tried:  #1, #2b, #3b, #10, #14, #21a,#22,  #25, #26, #31, #37, #38, #41, #42, #45, #47, #51, #52,#57,  #60, #63, #67, #68, #76


Products my friends tried and found effective:  #24, #26, #36, #38, #44, #65, #70, #74

-  Cynthia Wong

Amazing results


Tens of thousands of men and women were freed from their arthritis pain 

By Nick A. Jerch


When I had arthritis pain for years I never expected that some day my own suffering would help other people to get relief. Thats exactly what happened.  Like everybody else that has the misfortune to get arthritis, I tried everything starting with drugs, acupuncture, physiotherapy, creams, magnets, you name it , I tried it.  It was so bad I had tears in my eyes from pain.  It is the most painful and longest lasting illness on earth. 


What finally brought relief within 2 weeks was a specially processed shark cartilage.  Knowing that there are 50 million people with arthritis in North America, I started to sell it and it snowballed to the extend I never thought possible.  What helped a lot was printing on the boxes that I will refund the money, if it does not work.  It works in 99% of all cases and I never regretted offering this guarantee on our Bell Shark Cartilage #1. The shark cartilage we use is a by-product of the restaurant industry.  No sharks are caught for their cartilage.  Dont let anybody confuse you.   


If there is such a thing, perhaps I attract misfortunes that can be turned into a blessing for others.  Like most older men, I had a swollen prostate, which caused bladder infections and frequent trips to the bathroom.  However, again this came with benefits for others.  I found a herbal tea that relieved the infection within days.  Since I had thousands of stores that were selling Bell Shark Cartilage, I offered them the Prostate Ezee Flow Tea #4a that became a success story by itself like the Bell Shark Cartilage.  It really stops the inflammation within days without the side effects drugs normally have.  The tea tastes good and is inexpensive. 


I didnt know and most men never hear about women having more urinary problems than men.  We know now that 65% of all women past child-bearing age suffer with bladder infections, UTIs, incontinence and consequently have to wear pads or diapers.  Many have these infections every month.  Other get them every time they have sex.  They cannot go shopping and traveling, because they have to visit the bathroom every 15 minutes urgently. In virtually all cases the Bell Bladder Control Tea for Women #4b gives them relief within days. There are literally hundreds of true testimonials from women on the website www.BellLifestyleProducts.com with full names and towns.  Most have listed telephone numbers and skeptics can call them to get reassurance.  


I really feel blessed that in the last fifteen years I could help so many people to improve their quality of life.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping others. 

- Nick Jerch.

Windsurf Champion and Movie Star


I had finger joint pain for one year, wrist pain for 3-4 months and lumbago for 2 years.  After taking #70 Inflammex, I finally got relief from the pain.  Sometimes I have lower back and knee sore.  I will take one pill at night and I can sleep through the night and wake up painless.  I don't take the pills every day.  I take them only when I feel somewhere is painful or sore.


I also take #63 Stem Cell Activator.  I feel my skin is better, digestion improved, brighter with more energy.  Even I have more hair as my friends are losing theirs.


I promote water sports.  Check out my website 


- Ken Wong